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Day 1

»Posted by on Aug 22, 2009 in Juiced Fly | 0 comments

First day of the tournament is over and we are in first place! Up by three points we are sure that if we get the same box tomorrow we will win. 111 lbs on 5 fish puts us a couple of points ahead and makes sure we win king of the lake again 3 years in a row? Sponsors get in line for next year!

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King of the Lake

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I am up in Oswego NY, about to shoot a promo video for Kevin Davis and his buddies and their Scotty “King of the Lake” team. We are working to attract more sponsors and shoot a sick 10 minuter about the tournament. I am about to pass out after a wild day chasing down transmissions and parts for the boat and the express delivering them upstate. It will be nice to work on the lake and really concentrate on footage this weekend. Looking forward to a really cool weekend and another sick short. Keep you three following up to date! Pictures of 30lb kings coming… Stay tuned!

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