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A Good Showing.

»Posted by on Oct 26, 2009 in Juiced Fly | 0 comments

Aaron managed 7 fish this morning but that’s probably only good for second. If I had to guess, I would say Aaron holds for a 6th place finish. Looks like the medalists are in order, George Daniels, Lance Egan and then Brian Kimmel Get them next year Aaron.

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Session 3

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Fishing Creek looked like a mess too this morning but Aaron gave it his best. Aaron hooked two trout but they both found their way off the hooks. He had to take the big 0 again. It’s going to be tough to win it all now, especially with Lance Egan taking a fish this morning on fishing creek, but if anyone can pull it off it’s Aaron. Everyone send good thoughts out towards PA, the odds are long.

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Welcome to Happy Valley

»Posted by on Oct 24, 2009 in Juiced Fly | 2 comments

View from the car on the way to Penns for advance scouting. It’s wet out here. Check out the Penns USGS graph, holy water! Chocolate...

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