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Goodbye Pre Orders. Hello peace and quiet.

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European Nymphing – A Strategic Approach and related Pre Orders are off. Email if you don’t see them in a week. International… a few weeks.

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From Fly Fishing Evolution Blog – Layering up Right Leads to More Winter Fun on the Water…

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Layering up properly or not can lead to having a great winter experience or one that will never make you want to fish in the cold agian.  When I fish in the winter I like to start with a very thin wicking sock, with a heavy wool sock over it. The wicking sock will wick away moisture fgrom your foot and the heavy wool sock will keep you warm. For my leggings, I really like Patagonia expedition weight Capeline. These pants are enough to keep you warm even when fly fishing  in 32 degree water. For the top layer, I like to start with a midweight Capeline quarter neck zipped shirt. On top of this I put an R4 jacket on top. For my last under layer I use a Patagonia Nano puff jacket. Thisis enough to keep you warm, unless there is precipitation involved. If the...

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From Fly Fishing Evolution Blog – Sometimes the Biggest Fish are where you Least Expect them…

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This was surely the cast here. I have been doing a lot of research on streams to fish, due to being sick over the last few weeks. Heath and I met up for a half day of fishing last weekend. We made a short stop at Cabelas in Hamburg, Pennsylvania to grab a new Buff… you can never have enough. We stopped at a spring creek where a scientist had planted trout eggs dozens of years ago just to see what would happen. We spotted tons of wild brown trout and rainbow trout. One brown trout was in excess of 28 inches for sure! It was simply amazing. We took good numbers up nice sized fish, but the one in the photo takes the prize. There were redds everywhere so we stayed out of the water. It was an amazing day at a unique place. Fly Fishing Evolution Guide...

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From Fly Fishing Evolution Blog – A Great Day with a Good Buddy….

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Mike and I decided last minute on Friday to hit the Salmon River in Pulaski. The drive to upstate New York took slightly over 4 hours. However, once daylight came on Saturday, it proved to be well worth it. The fishing was amazing! I fell in twice into the 37 degree water and kept fly fishing… it was that good. There did come a point after hooking countless fish that I did have to go and dry my clothes. Even after leaving for a little over and hour, the fishing was still nuts. Mike was landing a fish as I was walking up. We ended the day at about 4:30 after landing one more steelhead. We looked at each other and said, “How many more can we get?” We fished egg patterns under a strike indicator with both a swtich and spey rod. Fly Fishing Evolution...

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From Fly Fishing Evolution Blog – On The Road… Again :)

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I have this little problem called “fish too much.” I’m going to fish the sixth state in the last month. It’s been tiring, I even got sick as it gets this week. However, we put the trailer for the next European Nymphing DVD together! We also started working on the film as well. Life is good, the fever is gone and hopefully the fly fishing will be good for Mike and I tomorrow! I am so excited to fish for fun this weekend. Practicing for competitions is no where near as much fun as I will have before I even throw my line together. A day with a good friend is always a great day, and no I will not say that the catching does not matter… It does Fly Fishing Evolution Guide...

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