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Configuring WordPress

»Posted by on Jul 17, 2009 in Juiced Fly | 0 comments

So I have spent the last week setting up this Blog and Aaron’s Blog at and it has been a bear. While wordpress is an awesome tool and comparatively easy with the daughting task of coding your own scripts, it isn’t the easiest thing ever to get the hang of. Couple things I learned in the process: 1. Get a good theme if you aren’t good enough to design a good one of your own. I suggest, woo themes and press75 2. Not all plugins are created equal. While the description might read well, a plugin in operation, is something totally different. Does it work well with your theme? Does it even do what it says it will? Is the configuration intuitive and easy? 3. Customize. While it might seem obvious, the real key to the aesthetics...

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