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Itinerant Angler Podcasts

»Posted by on Aug 2, 2009 in Juiced Fly | 0 comments

Today I’m going to listen to some Itinerant Angler Podcasts and watch the Phillies beat the Giants. Hopefully get finished with another steelheading short. If you all haven’t checked out Zach Matthew’s podcasts yet… you should. They are wicked awesome. I hope one day to interview him about building that venue. Tight lines to everyone fishing, if you are in the NE stay out of the rain and don’t stand in the water with a 10′ graphite lightning rod when you hear thunder.

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Finally Connected

»Posted by on Aug 1, 2009 in Juiced Fly | 0 comments

Looks like I finally got everything connected. Twitter, and facebook all connected up. Nice to only have to post in one spot. Let me know if you need help doing the same. Enjoy all the new content coming out in the next week guys.

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I’m Mobile!

»Posted by on Jul 15, 2009 in Juiced Fly | 0 comments

I just discovered a sick AP for my blackberry that allows me to have almost full functionality from my phone. This should lead to some awesome on stream updates. Obligatory Delaware River view…

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Goals for Blogging

»Posted by on Jul 14, 2009 in Juiced Fly | 0 comments

My goals for this blog are to help you all get insight into a beginners travels through the fly fishing industry and help the very frustrated people who are new at fly fishing with some VERY VERY basic tips for tying and on stream stuff. I anticipate doing a tip and a fly every other month that are each on one small thing a beginner can either tie or do to improve their catch rate. I intend on posting my old stuff blog posts up here soon. I hope you enjoy it. Click for Obligatory Fish...

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