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Night Fly Fishing – The Quest for a Brown Trout of a Lifetime

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Introduction Fly fishing for trout at night takes a special dedication. It requires sleep deprivation, sometimes in massive quantities, especially if there is a large trout at stake. I have fished at night for many years and thought that I knew what I was doing until I met my good friend Tony Scuderi. We fished a great deal during the day and I would come up on the better end when we finished up. Naturally, I thought I would show him a thing or two; I was in for a big surprise. I’ll never forget it, we were fishing the Famous Corner Hole on the Housatonic River in Connecticut. We started art about ten. I took the first fish, a nineteen-inch brown and thought that this was going to be easy. After catching that fish, I thought this would be like the best of our...

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From the Fly Fishing Evolution Blog – Another Day… Another Baetis Explosion!

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I just can’t seem to stat away from Pennsylvania during February and Early March! I love the first dry fly fishing if the season! it gets the fishing going and breaks up the monotony of nymphing! I fished a limestone stream and the water was warmer the air! The only thing that would make it cooler is if it were snowing...

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From the Fly Fishing Evolution Blog – Good Day on a Bigger River…

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I got out to fish with Heath and I was not going to fish a small stream… I needed to “spread my wings out” a bit and not catch any trees We headed out Route 80 to fish in Pennsylvania. Our quarry was wild brown trout and we were not disappointed! The stream is a mix of freestone and limestone. Stoneflies and Frenchies were the meal ticket on this day. The fly fishing wasn’t too difficult and smiles were had all...

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From the Fly Fishing Evolution Blog – Baetis and Sunshine!

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I had a day off from work and we weren’t filming for out new DVD project! Yes another one is coming I headed out to Pennsylvania to hopefully catch a blue winged olive or baetis hatch. I wasn’t disappointed, however the hatch only lasted an hour and a half but the wild browns were looking up. the action was so fast paces that I didn’t take a lot of photos and I am glad that I didn’t because the hatch ended quickly! I also told myself no nymph fishing! It was fun to catch a bunch of fish on dries. The long leader system from my recent article in American Angler was killer! My net was out often and the fish liked my flies. What else can you ask for. I also met the “Beetle” on the stream. It was a great afternoon with a lot of...

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From the Fly Fishing Evolution Blog – The West Branch Before the Rise in H2O

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Tom had never been to the West Branch of the Delaware and there was no better day to take him there then when the winds were blowing 20-40 miles per hour and the air temp was 20 degrees! When we pulled into Hancock, New York I didn’t want to get out of the car to be honest I figured let’s just throw him into the fire He did well landing a nice wild brown trout on his first cast! We caught quite a few fish with a few going over the 20 inch mark. Egg patterns took a few fish and the rest took size 20 midge larvae fished under indicators. We saw quite a few dead fish that look stressed from spawning. It was great now Tom can say, “the West Branch is easy...

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