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Fly Fishing for Salmon on New York’s Salmon River

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Went up to Pulaski, NY a few weeks ago and fly fished Lower Douglaston with my Uncle. We had an amazing time yanking in those giant Salmon with fairly lightweight rods. My Uncle was using a 10′ 6″ 7wt. single hander and I was using a 12′ 6″ 4/5wt. Spey rod. I caught a 31 pound king weighed on Andy Bliss’ boga grip. That bitch took forever to bring in on my 4/5wt, a truly epic battle. Talking with Andy and some of the other guides who were fishing with clients at the very bottom was a great time as well. They were in good spirits considering the crowds. My Uncle insisted on killing a few Salmon for meat, but I told him “if you are going to kill them, you have to carry them out of there.” He proceeded to rig up a salmon yoke...

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Aaron’s New Article

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This Myth Busting article in the November/December American Angler is one of the most original and well put together articles I have ever read. I was so freaking impressed. Who does this guy’s editing? He’s good!

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April Vokey – Trout Predator Online Industry Insider Interview – Edition One

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A great interview with April Vokey. First in series, just waiting for Justin to get off his lazy rear and write another. Open publication – Free publishing – More...

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Dave Whitlock Works His Magic

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Dave Whitlock can do almost anything when it comes to fly fishing. Here he customizes and signs a print for me at the Somerset Fly Fishing Show. Have you ever met somebody who has so many natural talents?

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Aaron on the Spot

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Check out Aaron Jasper the big star

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Three Ace Tyers Busy at Work

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This show is so awesome. Davy Wotton, Theresa, and Aaron Jasper busy at work.

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