From the Fly Fishing Evolution Blog – Baetis and Sunshine!

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I had a day off from work and we weren’t filming for out new DVD project! Yes another one is coming :) I headed out to Pennsylvania to hopefully catch a blue winged olive or baetis hatch. I wasn’t disappointed, however the hatch only lasted an hour and a half but the wild browns were looking up. the action was so fast paces that I didn’t take a lot of photos and I am glad that I didn’t because the hatch ended quickly! I also told myself no nymph fishing! It was fun to catch a bunch of fish on dries. The long leader system from my recent article in American Angler was killer! My net was out often and the fish liked my flies. What else can you ask for. I also met the “Beetle” on the stream. It was a great afternoon with a lot of laughter, just what this is all about!