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As many of you don’t know I came from an impoverished family. My “father” left me in a park fishing when I was six and told me, “I’m not dealing with this Sh– anymore.” I haven’t seen him since. My sisters and I were abused, I was foolish enough at nine years old to think that child services would help me. I’ll never forget it, I was packed up, woke my now dead stepfather up and hit him in the face with a bat knocking him out, only to be returned a few days later to the beating of my life. I wasn’t allowed to go to school for two weeks because I was so bruised. Shortly after my mother died of a drug overdose. Then I was bounced around from from my aunts to my grandma. I would be moved whenever I pissed one of them off it was rough. But I always had good friends. I always had my grandpa till I was 14 then he passed away and the first words out of my aunt’s mouth was the honeymoon is over, no more fishing. My aunt took custody of me for the money the received from the government and my father’s child support, which was supposed to me used for me, not her bills. When I turned 18 she literally threw everything I owned out of the house because I wasn’t worth any money to her. I wad on my own since. I was the first in my family to graduate college, I was really motivated because I didn’t want to hang gutters for a living.

So tonight with my new girlfriend, I drove by where I grew up here in Paterson and realized that here I 35 and I have to put all this behind me. I have to forget about the bad, stop holding grudges and leave it all behind. It’s time to celebrate what I’ve done and not focus on the many potholes in the road that I faced for over half of my life.

Here is a picture that I took of the tree that we planted for my mother when I was 9, which was 26 years ago.

I wishy grandpa were here to see what has transpired since I was a kid with a fly rod :)


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