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from going to the Salmon River in Pulaski, New York! The fishing is getting into winter mode, but it is still great. Lot’s of fish, frozen reels and all of the joy that comes with winter is occurring right now! I headed up with Heath and we hooked tons of steelhead, some fresh fish, but mostly older males that have been in the river for some time. Any washed out egg pattern crushed them! We even took some browns trout as well. I fished mainly bottom bouncing while Heath fished with the indicator rig. The day started off at a “balmy” 28 degrees, but only went down from there!

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  1. Amazing pictures here. This year was the first time I got out in colder weather to fish and experienced having my reel freeze up…I can only imagine how often this happens for more professional anglers. love the changing background on this blog too. well done