From the Fly Fishing Evolution Blog – Steelhead Saturday

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I made the drive up to Pulaski, New York with my friend Heath. My buddy Mike made a very interesting observation… I told everyone that I wasn’t going to the Salmon River this year. However, that one awesome day followed by the last six have gotten me back into it. The fly fishing has been wild the last two trips, even with the fall ins and freezing temperatures there has not been a cold moment. This trip was no different, it was bananas! There were too many hook ups and landings to count! We were fishing egg patterns, both bottom bouncing and using a strike indicator and a spey rod. It didn’t matter for the most part what you used… just get it in the water and you got one at times :)

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  1. Nice report Aaron, or should I say Justin???? Well any way, nice pics and how cold was it????