From Fly Fishing Evolution Blog – Layering up Right Leads to More Winter Fun on the Water…

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Layering up properly or not can lead to having a great winter experience or one that will never make you want to fish in the cold agian.  When I fish in the winter I like to start with a very thin wicking sock, with a heavy wool sock over it. The wicking sock will wick away moisture fgrom your foot and the heavy wool sock will keep you warm.

For my leggings, I really like Patagonia expedition weight Capeline. These pants are enough to keep you warm even when fly fishing  in 32 degree water.

For the top layer, I like to start with a midweight Capeline quarter neck zipped shirt. On top of this I put an R4 jacket on top. For my last under layer I use a Patagonia Nano puff jacket. Thisis enough to keep you warm, unless there is precipitation involved. If the weather is gnarly, I like to weather the Patagonia SST Wading Jacket. This provides a totally windproof barrier, that can allow you to fish comfortably in evern the harshest of conditions.

For neckwear, I really like the Buff. What else can you say, hot weather, sunny weather, cold weather, this things just works!

For a hat I like ant Beanie style hat. Remember, you lose lots of  heat through your head and proper headwear goes a long way.

What I like most about Patagonia’s gear is that you can wear it not just when fishing! You can even bust it out on a cold evening when you’re on a date :)  Go to www.patagonia .com and get your spending on 😉