From Fly Fishing Evolution Blog – To the South… North Carolina :)

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I finally got a chance to hit the me famed Davidson River in North Carolina. I have never been fly fishing in North Carolina before. Since it’s a 12 hour drive from home, I needed some easy fishing to start off with. So up to the hatchery I went. It was crazy, literally a circus up there. There were big trout, little trout, medium trout… you get the picture… lots of trout! I fished there and was having fun until a guide with 4 clients sent one of them to stand right next to me and told him, “don’t worry, stand there, he (meaning me) will move.” Well I responded with go get ’em their all yours. I don’t need bs in the first hour, especially with a so called guide like that.

There is one fly shop in Brevard aptly named Davidson River Outfitters. What great people and guides in there. The owner Kevin is a great guy and took time to point me to the right spots and he even told me not to go to the zoo :)

The fishing was pretty good for a cold front and dropping water temperatures. Fish were taken on everything from a size 6 to a 24! It is a real dynamic fishery in a beautiful place.