From Fly Fishing Evolution Blog – Doing a Little Catch up… Salmon River… Pulaski, New York!

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I finally got the chance to take Bob up to fish the Salmon River in Pulaski, New York. It was his first time with me so I showed him a different side of the river… I think that I tainted him badly. Before this had been to Douglaston Salmon Run, where they treat the fish and fishermen with respect. Fly fishermen actually fly fish down there…

He hooked a ton of steelhead due to the higher water temperatures. You had to run around like crazy and pull out all the stunts to land them. The first day was pretty good. However, the second day was nuts! The fishing once we made as on fire. We caught many steelhead and brown trout. Here are some pictures… Everything was on egg representations fished under a strike indicator. 


  1. Nice Fish, but ck out that oLD mARTIN dISC dRAG REEL – OR oRVIS rEEL ON THE uGLY sTIC

    • I took a picture of a snaggers rod. He was ripping into them so bad that I could not resist taking a picture of his Pleuger Reel with mono and Ugly Stick combo. It was snagging city below that bridge!

  2. Ha ha. It was truly a war zone compared to the DSR. He brought me to one spot which was so hot that we had double hook ups twice while fishing side by side. I admit my fighting skill set was a bit over matched. I felt more in my element with the lake run browns.

  3. Ugly rod for a very ugly way to get fish. Great fish you guys caught though.

    • There was someone snagging fish and had a steelhead in a pool of water behind him. I netted the fish and threw it back. Then he told me that it was his. I told him… It’s right over there. Go get it :) It felt good to throw that snagged fish back!