From Fly Fishing Evolution Blog – The Kids Win with a Little Help from the Trout :)

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This week was “Red Ribbon Week” at school. This is where we teach the children to lead a “drug fee” and healthy life. This might have nothing to do with fly fishing, but my kids made me proud this week. Part of the motivation is that each class makes a door and the class with the best door gets a pizza party and what 7 year old wouldn’t want one :) We went to work and one girl even came up to me and said let’s do something with fish, you like them a lot :) So I thought about netting the Atlantic Salmon that I have been reading about and thought about a good slogan. Well the kids worked really hard on it this week and we won the best door competition (with the help of some trout cut outs). The best part is that they did it! It’s going to be a great morale booster for my class down the stretch to Christmas. I can’t wait to take them fishing in the spring!

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  1. That’s awesome! Great influence on the kids.