Fly Fishing for Salmon on New York’s Salmon River

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Went up to Pulaski, NY a few weeks ago and fly fished Lower Douglaston with my Uncle.

We had an amazing time yanking in those giant Salmon with fairly lightweight rods. My Uncle was using a 10′ 6″ 7wt. single hander and I was using a 12′ 6″ 4/5wt. Spey rod.

I caught a 31 pound king weighed on Andy Bliss’ boga grip. That bitch took forever to bring in on my 4/5wt, a truly epic battle. Talking with Andy and some of the other guides who were fishing with clients at the very bottom was a great time as well. They were in good spirits considering the crowds.

My Uncle insisted on killing a few Salmon for meat, but I told him “if you are going to kill them, you have to carry them out of there.” He proceeded to rig up a salmon yoke for his stringers and made it a whole 1500 feet of the 1.5 miles before he said, “you are going to have to carry some of these.” I knew it was going to happen, but some lessons have to be learned the hard way. I have a good feeling my uncle won’t be dragging salmon out of Douglaston ever again. The eggs from the 31 pound hen filled up a whole gallon zip lock bag as you will see in the pictures. They guy we gave them to was THRILLED. He said that one fish’s eggs will last him all winter.

Special thanks to John Kopy of, Andy Bliss of and Kevin Davis of . Awesome guys, awesome guides, they really hooked my Uncle and I up.

Here are some pictures from the trip:

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