From Fly Fishing Evolution Still loving it

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Heading up too connecticut again to Danny’s house cause forgetful me left both my rod and vest there. Since I have to drive back anyways, figured I would get some more time in fly fishing with Danny and Mike. We are fishing a smaller stream where European nymphing is the ticket. The Housy came up over night alittle, but yesterday’s guide trip and filming sessions were excellent. This up coming week should have some stellar fishing if mother nature decides not to have it rain on us. Yesterday Blue wing olives nymphs and stoneflys took a good amount of fish. Hatches were sporadic but there were even a few rises to be seen during the day. To our surprise we even got to see two isonychias come off the water…. Now back to the the amazing jetta tdi. Figured I would let u know that I am averaging 50.1 miles to the gallon these days. In this economy my advice is to get rid of that gas guzzler and go get this wonderful tdi. It will equal more fishing equipment with all the money you have saved on fuel driving to your fishing destinations