From Fly Fishing Evolution A “Wild” Saturday!

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I headed out to Central Pennsylvana and fished a medium sized limestone stream filled with wild brown trout. I even saw George Daniel and his wife. He was landing one as I walked up. The fishing was pretty good to say the least. We chatted for a while but he was doing something which involved his new book so it was a quick chat and right back to the action. I didn’t get anything big, but the numbers of wild brown trout brought to the net were outstanding. The day started off cool and it got even cooler after I went over my waders :) There was also a massive blue winged olive hatch as well as a smattering of isonychia. Most of the fish were caught on the larger anchor nymph fished near the bottom. I hope that I have another day like this soon. At some points it was almost every cast. I got to use the new Hardy DD reel. It’s better than the prototype that I used in January. I also got to put more mileage on my Sage ESN that thing casts and sets hooks like its it’s job!