From Fly Fishing Evolution Almost to the finish line… School is starting soon :)

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I have had quite a summer and to sum it up this summer was one of the best learning ones that I have ever had. From learning “nymphe en vue”  in France to catching two foot long brown trout on the West Branch of the Delaware in less than a foot of water this has been an awesome summer. One that will not be forgotten. These are photos of two of my last trips up to the West Branch. We didn’t catch anything too big but the camaraderie enjoyed by Steve, his father and I are what this sport is all about. It has everything to do with fun! And that’s it. Who cares how you fish dry flies, indicator nymphing, wet flies, European nymphing or dry dropper, it’s about having fun and enjoying being outside in beautiful places. Here are a few photos that depict the end result, with the exception of the anti fracking sign. I have a very sneaky suspicion that Obama plans of forcing New York State to start drilling with his “Jobs plan.” We will have o see. I hope it does not happen, but if they buy him off it will happen and countless miles of streams and wells will be ruined.