Salmon Tournament Fever

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So, for the three of you out there following along… It’s been a while. Since I last updated couple of things have been on my plate. First, I helped Kevin Davis’ team win the Oswego Scotty King of the Lake, and while its not quite as crazy as a bass fishing tourny, not even close, it was so much freaking fun. I was invited as an actual team member for the St Catherine’s final leg of the series and while we had a awesome first day, I quickly learned, they are won on sunday. With a weak day sunday we settled for 5th but stayed in the money. The guys won the entire series and were crowned 2009 King of the Lake! If you want to find out more about Team Striker or follow along next year, check them out here:

I’m going to work on a site redo in Blog style so that people can follow along, and I am working on a sponsor promo video for next year.

I have been visably absent from TPO, and I must apologize, however I have been swamped with work.

On a personal note, for almost the last year I have been struggling just to make ends meet and because of this I have had to take a second job and scrap to stay afloat. If our content has lacked, this is why. I have been working nights and weekends and doing everything I can to keep it together. Hard way to learn fishing won’t pay my bills!

I hope to be back on the ball soon, and please forgive my absence.

Tight lines to all.