April Vokey Interview Out

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Just sent the TPO Fly Fishing Insider interview questions out to April Vokey. If you don’t know who she is, you should. She’s awesome. Why is she awesome, you ask? Well first, she’s not hard on the eyes. Second, she has a totally kick ass attitude about women in fly fishing, which is, if I may summarize in my own words… Why would a woman need to look like a man to fly fish? Seem like a good question to you? Does to me too. So many times you see women out there in caps and long ass shirts that are too big. Not April… she kicks ass in a bikini, a wool cap, a cool pink hoodie, she just kicks ass without looking like ass. Good on ya Vokey. (Photo from flygal.ca)

She asked me not to be shy with the questions, so I asked the good stuff. I tried my hardest not to cross a line, and I hope I didn’t, we will see when I get an email back.

Check out April here…


and follow her adventures here…


For the four people actually reading this… I think we are in for a really good kickoff to the new series.

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  1. I’m with you Juice. I caught her interview with Zach Matthews on the Itinerant Angler podcast. April sounds like a blast!