Second Attempt

» Posted by on Jan 14, 2009 in Juiced Fly | 0 comments

Since Aaron and Davy informed me that my first streamer attempt resulted in “abortions” I figured I would give a tried and true pattern, the “Double Bunny” a shot. I made a conehead variation along with a simple wiggly eyes version.

I also added some polar flash accent and red krystal flash for gills.

I found a sick epoxy replacement that is super malleable and sets crystal clear. No mixing, no spinning. I use the back tip of a super fine paint brush for application to the head.

Its called “plasti dip” and I found 14.5 oz cans for 7 dollars which is CHEAP compared to knot sense or loon soft head.

Although my first streamers caught fish, I hope these are at least a touch more aesthetically appealing to Aaron and Davy.

D. Justin Massimo