Welcome! Follow Along

» Posted by on Nov 17, 2008 in Juiced Fly | 2 comments

So, I got a little tired of writing reports and it became a bit cumbersome, especially with the amount of pictures there are to add.

You know the feeling I’m talking about, right, you take all the gear off, you have been chasing Aaron downstream for 14 hours without one ounce of food and nothing but warm diet cokes to sustain yourself and then Aaron asks… “you are going to put up the report today right?” Right after the urge to punch him in the face passes you reply with sure. Then as time passes and you have written dozens of reports in a state of utter delirium, you start to respond with… “do I look like your b*tch?”

Here I am, I’ve decided this would be a good way to keep in touch with TPO and all the rest of my friends I meet out there on the Fly Fishing trail.




  1. Hey Justin,
    This is a great idea! I will check in regularly to follow your fly fishing adventures.
    Take care,
    (aka: magnet)

  2. Thanks buddy. First fan award for you.