The TPO Story

A community born on a whim...

Trout Predator Online was founded in 2007 by good friends Aaron Jasper and Justin Massimo. It was started on a whim when Justin mentioned to Aaron that he knew some basic HTML. Aaron asked Justin to build him a basic site to help him build his guiding client base. As an after thought Justin installed a basic forum as one of the links in the menu…

At first it was just a place for Aaron, Justin and their friends to talk about fishing and anything else that was on their mind. They had to work hard just to come up with new stuff to talk about! However, something strange started to happen: the forum began to grow… and fast.

TPO FoundersPretty soon it became apparent that video content production and the forum were what people were interested in. TPO became a place to exchange ideas and to learn from professionals who spend hundreds of days on the stream. Justin and Aaron started producing fairly regular tutorials and developing fresh content, and from there things took off.

Now TPO has thousands of members and averages over 500 unique viewers per day. Aaron and Justin have produced over 80 short informational and adventure videos. Aaron has founded his own guide business “Fly Fishing Evolution” and Justin has started his own web development company, “Twist On Design”. In the last year Aaron released his first full length instructional video: “European Nymphing – Techniques and Fly Tying”.

Aaron and Justin have a lot more planned for TPO; however, they realize the heart and soul of TPO will always be the community. The members of TPO and the countless hours they have spent sharing information they gather on stream are what make Trout Predator Online tick.

Aaron and Justin never forget that.